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Kim Gura gets hospitalized due to panic disorder

Article: [Exclusive] The reason for Kim Gura's panic disorder is because of provisional attachment of property... The problem of 'standing surety'

Source: Starin via Nate

Kim Gura's wife stood surety for her relative without telling him and got into a huge amount of debt. She didn't tell him and tried to pay off the debt by borrowing money from illegal sources, only increasing the debt amount. His property recently got seized provisionally.

1. [+2313, -30] At this rate, he should get divorced to keep his remaining property

2. [+2134, -35] This is why you should meet a right woman... There's a reason why his son is working hard on the broadcast

3. [+2031, -27] She made her husband stay with her mindset of not being able to refuse. She made him go insane~ The woman is thoughtless, not kind

4. [+265, -7] Being kind? Do you think caring others while not caring your family is being kind? It's really wrong to be a good person at outside when you can't even take care of your own family

5. [+226, -15] I don't like Kim Gura as a celebrity but it's amazing how he works hard and stays instead of divorcing his wife

6. [+215, -5] The entire nation saw him bashing others to earn money... I feel bad


Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

1. [+1430, -27] Woah the loan surety is $17~18 millions. This is too much. It's unfortunate. The reason for his broadcast concept was to live through. At least they didn't get divorced. He must've suffered hard

2. [+1325, -38] He should get divorced at this point...

3. [+1281, -20] His wife is so thoughtless

4. [+119, -3] It's not being kind. She used her husband's money for her relative... The solution is to divorce

5. [+104, -2] Woah... He's not the type who wastes any money but millions of money that he never touched are just gone in a day... It was annoying how he was talking about his son lately but I guess his son is what makes him alive

6. [+89, -2] His own mother gets $100 a month, his mother-in-law gets $200 a month, and his wife gets $700 a month? There's the answer

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