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Evaluations of boy groups this year


Article: 2014 history of boy groups, the monthly wars of boy groups

Source: 10 Asia via Naver

January - TVXQ, B1A4
February - BAP, BTOB
March - CNBLUE
April - EXO
May - Fly To The Sky
June - Taeyang, Beast, ZE:A, U-Kiss, Boyfriend
July - JYJ, Infinite, GOT7, Block B
August - god, Winner
September - Super Junior, 2PM, Teen Top
October- Beast, VIXX
November - 2AM
December - Kyuhyun, BTOB

1. [+611, -119] 2AM's song is really good but it's not well-known ㅠㅠ

2. [+582, -161] The rank of girl groups is defined. SNSD is a wall and Apink and Girl's Day are the trend. But the fans of boy groups claim that their own group is the best so the rank is not defined yet. EXO is the trend but they're struggling a bit because of their scandals. Bigbang also has lots of scandals. TVXQ and Super Junior are not really a wall anymore

3. [+327, -72] I personally wanted ZE:A to get popular this year but... They didn't ㅠㅠ

4. [+291, -40] I'm looking forward to the gayo awards at the end of the year

5. [+249, -149] I'm a Super Junior fan but I was worried that they wouldn't be mentioned in this article ㅋㅋ Proud of Super Junior <3

6. [+175, -78] Honestly, Beast, Taeyang and Winner were the best this year. Beast proved their talent and they're still strong digitally. No need to say much for Taeyang and Winner is just amazing

7. [+166, -70] I think the boy groups who are talented and did well this year are Beast, Winner and Taeyang

8. [+113, -42] I personally liked Taeyang, JYJ, Winner and Kyuhyun. Their songs weren't typical idol songs that are autotuned. I've only saw Kyuhyun on Radio Star so I didn't know that he had a good voice ㅋㅋ I don't think Taeyang and JYJ are considered boy groups... They're artists, they compose their own songs ㅋㅋ Oh and Beast's song was good, too

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