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Mnet reps say they're preparing for a legendary kiss performance for MAMA 2014

Instiz: Mnet reps, "we're preparing for a legendary kiss performance on this year's 'MAMA'"

The Director of Mnet:

"Because the reactions to kiss performances are good, we're trying hard to have one this year. We're preparing for a deep kiss because everybody seems to want it."


- Who wants it... We want to see some singing and performances, not a kiss perf?

- I think there was a similar article last year and nothing happened...

- Not EXO...

- Hope it's not Infinite

- Top and Lee Hyori was enough. Let's stop it after that legend ㅠㅠㅠ

- I can understand Troublemaker because it's their concept but there are no artists who can kiss this time though? Maybe Some...?

- Male-male kiss please

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