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Blind item of an actor's drinking habit

Instiz: [Brave Journalists] A flower boy actor's drunken beating

Actor A became a star after his project became a big hit. A visited an entertainment bar with his company staff. An ace worker sat beside A for his top star status. As they got drunk, A tried to have skinship with her and she refused. A grabbed the woman's hair and started slapping her. He asked, "are you sure you're an ace?! Who else did you date beside me?!" 

A day after, his company CEO found out about it. If this got reported, his celebrity career would be over instantly. The CEO quickly stepped up and gave money to the worker for a settlement. But A's drinking habit was beating others up. The CEO got mad at A and he used A's earnings to pay off for settlements.

CEO banned A from going outside. Because of this, A only drank with his manager at his home. There were no more settlements, rumors, or worries, but the manager had to deal with A for a year. 

As a result, A's private life was unknown and he got a mysterious image. A got an offer with a huge amount of money. A betrayed his company and accepted the offer. A has delicate features but he's different inside. A lot of A's projects are of an action genre. A has always wanted to show off his manly image.

Q) Is A's drinking habit still on going?
A) He seems to be quiet after changing his company. His current company has a lot of celebrities


- (I searched up on Naver and Lee Jun Ki showed up as a related search)

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