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MC Mong vs Netizens

Article: Did the audience really miss MC Mong

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+1197, -134] The monkey jerk's song is not even played on the streets. The song winning #1 doesn't make sense at all. No one around me listens to the song. Talk about the power of money ㅡㅡ

2. [+1104, -125] Bullshit ㅋㅋ He fucking manipulated the chart with money ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+1018, -97] I'm not interested and I've never listened to it

4. [+90, -6] I've never listened to his song... It's #1? This is definitely manipulated

5. [+71, -5] The music broadcast is weird. I think Hyuna wasn't a #1 nominee because "her music video is +19 which is bad for minors" but isn't a criminal worse? You'd think the minors will freaking follow the laws when they see someone like him winning #1. Music Core and Inkigayo need to reflect

6. [+63, -2] 

MC Mong's Twitter on November 15, 2011:
"I'm sorry and sorry again. I'm the foolish, stupid, and idiotic jerk. What can I dare to say? I'll live with my crime for the rest of my life because I'm the one who caused it. Even if I get hurt and scolded, I won't blame anyone because it's all my fault. And it's my fault to only prove the wrongdoings."
His new song Whatever lyrics:
"The jerks who spread the rumors
Hide. You don't know me like that.
The trait of losers
To hate like their job
Huh so scary
As a fellow man, it looks pathetic
Why can't you stand others' success
Why do you have to deserve scolding
Please don't stop, bro come on"
During the trial, he sobbed and said:
"I'm already a dead person. I don't even dream of coming back to the entertainment industry. I just want to live like a person. I want to forever volunteer and ask for forgiveness as I meet the people I like."
The media needs to stop promoting him as if he's cleaning the public's ears and to force the public to accept him. The values of 'the good triumphing over evil' and 'what goes around comes around' still need to be followed

7. [+56, -3] I've never listened to his songs and I don't want to

8. [+49, -2] I've never listened to MC Mong's songs...

9. [+45, -3] "He didn't even clarify the misunderstandings. He only asked a question in his song, "did you miss me"" Is this a sentence or a fart ㅋㅋ He's not promoting on the broadcast because he knows that he'd get bashed ㅋㅋ Instead, he wrote in his lyrics ^^ He asked why people hated his success ㅋㅋ

10. [+36, -2] I was so touched when Yoo Joon Sang was reading a nation prayer on Real Man. I'm so thankful for the soldiers on this land for working in such a cold weather. I'm still mad at how MC Mong the sly person would sleep in a warm room and do whatever he wants freely. Doesn't he feel sorry to the Korean soldiers? Because of him, the men who are supposed to be exempt from the military service are forced to serve. (tn: the ministry changed the laws after MC Mong scandal) That jerk must be smiling because he's doing well digitally and say, "of course people were waiting for me." He's freaking annoying. What a cunning and sly asshole

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