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Dating rumors of EXO D.O and Girl's Day Sojin

Pann: Hul D.O and Sojin are a couple for sure...

1. Pictures of them at a fishing trip

3. Couple running shoes

4. Sojin sang All Of Me at a concert. After weeks, D.O picked the song as his most favorite song

5. They were on a same flight to Mexico and had a press conference together. D.O's face at the airport looked the happiest so far

6. Sojin mentioned Gwangjin-gu when talking about her first love

EXO's dorm is in Gwangjin-gu. Sojin graduated elementary-middle-high schools and even university in Daegu, until she turned 24~25. So there's no way her first love was in Gwangjin-gu. She hinted on D.O as she was mentioning Gwangjin-gu.

7. When the members got associated with other female idols on Naver related search, they never got deleted, but "D.O-Sojin" got deleted.


1. [+46, -0] Wow...What I don't understand from the celebrities is this. There are a lot of non-celebrity couples who don't do the couple items, but why do celebrities have to have couple items and hint it? They wouldn't get caught easily if they don't wear the couple items... They should date quietly. They said they're not gonna publicize their relationships and yet they wear couple items

2. [+27, -1] That's basically dating

3. [+23, -1] I think everybody expected this

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