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American movie 'Interstellar' gets good responses

Article: "An opening of 2.2 millions, the very #1"... 'Interstellar' breaks the drought of the audience


1. [+2310, -108] Are you asking if Interstellar is good? This film can't even be judged whether it's good or not

2. [+1890, -72] This is honestly the best. The money was never a waste

3. [+1541, -47] If you've imagined going to the space in a spaceship, you'll fine this film good and not boring

4. [+1364, -52] This was the best film in a while...

5. [+1077, -41] I'm gonna watch this on the weekend

6. [+273, -5] Is this the film where they were researching the black hole for the film and even ended up writing a thesis?

7. [+279, -13] This is at a different class from Korean films where it's always the gangs and crimes

8. [+226, -11] Warning! You'll find Fashion King disgusting after watching Interstellar

9. [+216, -20] This is at the level of Gravity or even above...

10. [+181, -7] Imagine how Nolan's upcoming films would be even more amazing...

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