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Soyu talks about how the students copy adults' way of dating

Instiz: Soyu, "these days, students are copying adults' expensive dates"


"These days, you can see students at cafes and family restaurants. Those places are expensive. When I was at the age, I spent $5 with my boyfriend and ate until we were full and we still had fun dates. These days, the students seem to be copying adults' expensive dates. Eating ddukbokki can be memories and it can only be done at the age."


- Soyu had dates while eating ddukbokki? She's the one who went to bars ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- You can't eat ddukbokki everyday ㅠㅠ

- These days, you can't do anything with $5

- I don't think that's copying adults. You can't eat ddukbokki forever

- You need to go to a convenience store if you want to have a $5 date

- She's partially right but $5 is not enough for a date

- As an adult, I agree... Not just the dates, but the gifts are literally adults' level...

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