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Zico gets criticized for wearing the confederate flag + using "faggot" in his lyrics

Pann: Controversy of Zico's new song lyrics, tsk tsk

1. Confederate flag

2. "You're such a faggot bitch" - 'Faggot' is an offensive word to homosexuality


1. [+321, -70] Is he seriously crazy? Why does he have to cause a controversy every time? I don't understand. Is he trying to get issued or is he thoughtless? Even some states in America fine the people who use the word. He even uses the word in the lyrics... It's so embarrassing

2. [+271, -99] The fans are already busy defending the Thailand and Japan controversies, why does he have to cause another one? It's a stupid controversy

3. [+180, -56] Corrupted B's concept is to cause national embarrassments ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+122, -6] Tbh, it's my first time of hearing about the confederate flag. I didn't know about it

5. [+118, -93] I was born in America and I grew up here. The word is being used a lot. You guys know that "sibal" is an extremely bad word, right? The original meaning of "faggot" is that but these days, the word is basically used to call someone an idiot or a loser(?)

6. [+111, -8] A loser who can't speak English just threw random English words to look cool. Shouldn't he be more careful if he can't speak English? I think he was jealous of the rappers who lived aboard and rap in English like Swings and San E. He thought it would work but he screwed up ㅋㅋ Why is he mumbling in English when he can't even speak the language?

7. [+108, -6] Let's just say that he wore the jacket because his stylist gave him. Zico's brain is not smart enough to know about the Confederate States. Honestly it's my first time of hearing about it, too

8. [+97, -11] This is blowing up on Youtube


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