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Yuri's styling

Pann: Yuri finally pays her stylist


1. [+177, -29] I'm honestly curious... Just how bad is her usual style that people call this the best styling of her?

2. [+133, -50] How is this pretty... The coat is good but she looks like an ahjumma

3. [+85, -19] It's simply pretty

4. [+49, -8] Yuri has looks but her personalities are more charming. The reason why I'm fangirling her for 7 years

5. [+37, -18] Cat woman Yuri. So pretty


6. [+28, -8] Is her body not suited for clothing... She looks like a married woman

7. [+27, -21] She looks like an ahjumma... Rumors say that she's trying to get married to a chaebol family and she's starting to dress like one

8. [+20, -4] She got double eyelid surgery when she debuted... But I don't think she got any more work done after that. I think she's always been stably pretty in SNSD. Is it because she keeps exercising? She looks healthy and her skin looks great... I hope she continues to look like this with no more work done~

9. [+19, -3] Yuri has a long waist and short legs. Her short legs stand out even more if she wears stuff like that ㅠㅠ

10. [+18, -0] Good. I hope she stops fighting with her stylist after this

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