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K-fans disapprove Chanwoo as an iKON member

Pann: Jung Chanwoo confirmed to be an iKON member


1. [+135, -38] I would've started fangirling iKON if Yang Hongseok was a member... I just walked away from the fandom entrance

2. [+110, -33] Hong-si ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+73, -120] Jung Chanwoo? Sorry to Yang Hongseok and Jung Jinhyung but it's a good choice. I think he'll do well, considering how he behaves well to the hyungs


Pann 2

1. [+172, -51] It's true that I lost my interest after he got confirmed

2. [+160, -49] Never thought Jung Chanwoo would actually be confirmed... I feel uncomfortable to say it's a good choice... The four members are such a waste... Their talent doesn't lose to Winner. Is Yang Hyunsuk blind or what.. I think I'd change my mind even if I was pushing Chanwoo. The four members are a waste, I hope they come out as a unit at least

3. [+124, -114] You guys should've voted for Yang Hongseok, then. Are you saying that it's hard for Jung Chanwoo to succeed in iKON? Is that all you can say? Honestly, Yang Hongseok didn't fit well, either. His vocal is only for ballad. And do you think Jung Jinhyung and Jung Chanwoo didn't practice as much as others did? The other three trainees are the same. Don't blame Jung Chanwoo for the elimination of Yang Hongseok


Pann 3

1. [+93, -8] Why do you think he got confirmed early? Don't you see the script of Dong Dong getting confirmed and the members sobbing?

2. [+80, -21] I completely lost my interest after he got confirmed...

3. [+77, -19] This is a flop ㅠㅠ

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