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Boy group visuals

Article: Boy group visuals

Beast - Dongwoon

EXO - Sehun

Teen Top - L.Joe

Vixx - Hongbin

Block B - Jaehyo

Bangtan Boys - V

Super Junior - Siwon

Bigbang - TOP

TVXQ - Changmin

2PM - Nichkhun

2AM - Jinwoon

Got 7 - JB

JYJ - Jaejoong

ZE:A - Siwan

B.A.P - Himchan

BTOB - Sungjae

Winner - Jinwoo

B1A4 - Jinyoung

Boyfriend - Donghyun

Infinite - L

SHINee - Minho


1. [+250, -100] I think the opinions on EXO's visual are divided because there are too many handsome kids

2. [+148, -22] Opinions on EXO are very divided

3. [+93, -27] I choose Kikwang for Beast... I think Kikwang doesn't get divided opinions. Dongwoon shines irl but opinions on him are way too divided

4. [+51, -11] The fans will fight if you claim EXO's visual. They picked only handsome kids so the fans can't choose either

5. [+47, -4] EXO's visual depends on the person's taste ㅠㅠ The fans don't have an answer when they're asked who EXO's visual is

6. [+46, -9] Gongchan might or might not be handsome than Jinyoung. They're both handsome

7. [+36, -17] I personally think Teen Top's visual is Chunji. He's tall and he has a fine face

8. [+30, -5] Dongwoon is really handsome. I thought Doojun or Kikwang was the visual of Beast but I changed my mind after seeing Dongwoon irl. Doojun and Kikwang are handsome in a trendy way and Dongwoon is typically handsome. His handsome looks were more of Arab style like Jang Dong Gun than Won Bin, unlike he claimed that he was Gangdong-gu's Won Bin. His side profile was such a view. He was so handsome

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