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Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom gets into a fight

Article: Justin Bieber gets "beat", he makes fun with a picture of Bloom crying after Miranda's exposure

On July 30, Justin Bieber held out his hand to Orlando Bloom for a handshake, but Bloom rejected it. Bieber got pissed and said, "she was good (Miranda)". They got into a fight and Bloom punched Bieber's face. Bieber's side denied that Bieber got hit. Right after the incident, Bieber posted a picture of Miranda exposing her breasts. Shortly after, Bieber also posted a picture of Bloom crying on his Instagram. 


1. [+652, -8] Total loser

2. [+582, -5] This is why young kids who earn money become tryhards and gets into fights with everyone... He turned into a troublemaker

3. [+504, -5] So desperate and childish

4. [+43, -2] That young jerk only learned bad things... I've never liked Bieber and never will... Learn to live properly

5. [+40, -2] Not just Justin Bieber, but all those people seem to have bad personalities according to the article... Is this even true? Did Miranda really cheated on Bloom and date Bieber??? Is that why Orlando dated Selena Gomez as revenge?? Is this all true?

6. [+32, -1] How can she date a kid like Justin Bieber when her husband is Orlando Bloom?!! I really don't understand

7. [+30, -0] Miranda Kerr cheated ㅠㅠ So disappointing!! And the guy she dated was even worse than the dirt of Bloom's toe.......

8. [+29, -2] Bieber is bad but how can Miranda date a kid when she has a child...

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