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Criticisms on Yunho's cast in The Night Watchman

Pann: Jung Yunho tries a historical drama


1. [+435, -89] Can you not ㅡㅡ

2. [+118, -212] So handsome... The rice wreaths were 32t and they were the biggest rice wreaths in history, the fans are also great like the singer. Yunho always shows his improvements on the stage, I'm sure his acting would be better so I have no suspicion! He said he will do better and he never lies! I cheer for both performer Yunho and actor Yunho! I hope the drama succeeds!

3. [+114, -206] Yunho is so handsome... I really like that he would wear the "gat" and hanbok ㅋㅋㅋ I think he'll suit because it's a youth historical drama

4. [+84, -29] Why is the first picture looking awkward already

5. [+73, -9] What's with these responses? The entire world knows that his acting is the worst of the worse. What's with these cringe-worthy comments saying that they're looking forward to it... Did a bunch of fans come from a fansite? Oh well this is probably why he's shamelessly doing another drama - the fans defend him despite his terrible acting

6. [+63, -16] Here he comes.... Yunho who is scarier than a rainstorm...

7. [+53, -9] Putting Yunho in a well-made drama

8. [+53, -19] I still can't forget Yawang... Why...

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