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Dead actress revealed to have gotten a "spirit marriage" by her mother

Jung Dabin is an actress who passed away in 2007. In 2011, her mother arranged a spirit marriage for her daughter. Jung Dabin's "husband" is a man who was 5 years older and passed away in 2002. Both families agreed to have their dead son & daughter get married to each other. In late Jung Dabin's room, a photoshopped picture of their marriage is hanging on the wall, which comforts her mother.


Article: "late Jung Dabin had a spirit marriage. Her husband is..."

Source: My Daily via Nate

1. [+1448, -23] Who is this marriage for? Did they have to photoshop the picture?

2. [+1335, -22] Would the dead want that?

3. [+202, -7] They should just leave the dead in their hearts... Why arrange a spirit marriage and even make a photoshopped photo? This is horror...

4. [+101, -5] It's a little scary. The original people of the photoshopped photo must be upset.

5. [+96, -0] The original groom and the bride of the picture must feel uncomfortable. This is why you don't post pictures of yourself on the Internet. A lot of wedding photos on the Internet are used for spirit marriages.

6. [+87, -0] The actress had a boyfriend when she committed suicide. Why did they have to arrange a spirit marriage...

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