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A blind item of an idol and an actress?

A boy group member C and an actress B have the same birthday. If their relationship gets publicized, many people would say, "They're a combination that I've never thought of." They never did a project or filmed a CF together. They haven't even met on broadcast. Their relationship is very unique and even strange.

C found B's phone number through his connections. C called and texted B everyday and sent her his albums and concert tickets. C kept on pursing B and B broke up with her boyfriend and chose C.

However, C's love turned out to be a result of his lack of affection. In mid-summer, he wore a zip up hoodie B gave him. On the day of a concert, he drove to B to see her and went to the rehearsal. C finished his album promotions recently and is preparing for a new album. B is preparing to shoot a new movie that will be released next year.


Instiz: A new idol blind item

- Chanyeol and Nam Bora filmed a CF together, it's not them

- This blind item sounds too obvious. Might as well say Chanyeol and Baekhee have been dating for 4 years ㅋㅋ

- Nam Bora clarified that it's not her!!!

- Chanyeol gave a feedback on Instagram~

- Chanyeol wore a zip up hoodie in this hot weather? Amazing...

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