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Actress Shin Shin Ae says she's never dated in her 59 years of life

Article: 'Morning Talk' Shin Shin Ae, "I've never dated in my 59 years of life, I'm proud that I chose not to marry and give birth"

Source: TV Daily via Nate

Shin Shin Ae: "I think a human comes to life alone and dies alone. There are people capable of meeting the right partner and having children. But I won't get married. Since I was young, I was a philosopher. Humans are a bunch of problems. If these problematic males and females get together, the problems get bigger. There might be a solution, but I've observed that most married couples live with problems. I've been single for my entire life. I started getting love letters since I was 12, though. I have zero debt. I think a person should live through by themselves. I try to do my best on given tasks. To live as a single person, you have to have your own view and purpose of life. I live by having my wishes on God."


1. [+442, -26] She can since she's financially capable... She's right, life is by yourself. She's a true girl crush.

2. [+410, -19] Choi Hwa Jung and Shin Shin Ae seem to be satisfied with themselves and having a happy life. They look cool.

3. [+303, -15] Whether you get married or not, the best thing is living the life you want without having to worry about living expenses. If you're single and satisfied with your life, you're successful. Same goes to marriage.

4. [+19, -3] She's cool. All of her words are right.

5. [+19, -21] Marriage is a choice as long as you don't damage others. I don't think the choice to not marry is something to brag, though.

6. [+17, -2] I'm a man but I really agree. Everybody should live alone. What's the point of getting married and going through a mess? I don't think being single for your entire life is good since having various experiences is helpful, but I agree with the idea of choosing not to marry.

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