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Things that make an idol group flop?

Pann: Things that lead to a flopped idol

1) Their talents don't improve despite years of experience
2) They slack off on the stage
3) The members are obviously not close to each other
4) Rarely communicate with fans on official fancafe, SNS, V, app, etc.
5) They don't seem to be affectionate towards the group & determined anymore

1. [+281, -3] Long hiatus

2. [+242, -1] I quit stanning when they go on a long hiatus and don't bother giving an update.

3. [+222, -3] If the members are not close, the fans don't get along, either. Individual fans will be by themselves ㅋㅋ

4. [+148, -81] Seeing this, I understand why my bias is still popular despite the fact that their peak was 5 years ago.

5. [+137, -3] Everything aside, the most common reason why an idol flops is because they go an excessive international tour when their domestic popularity is still ambiguous. This is my bias' case. My bias had a decent fandom when they debuted. Whey they started getting international responses, they did 3~4 international tours a year for money. As a result, their domestic fandom shrunk at once. Even if a group seems to be struggling domestically, they should still focus on domestic promotions over international promotions and focus on expanding the domestic fandom. It will pay off for sure. You need to have a solid domestic fandom to be successful internationally. This is the formula that they should memorize. If my bias' company knew this, they wouldn't have had this mess.

6. [+121, -1] Stop going to Japan... Are you ignoring Korean fans?

7. [+104, -253] All of that applies to EXO ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Flopped group indeed.

8. [+88, -0] Everything aside, bringing mediocre music makes me lose all the interest.

9. [+80, -0] Playing with fans. There isn't anything unlikeable as this.

10. [+68, -0] Shinhwa is still going strong, it's because the members are extremely close.

11. [+66, -3] Lovelyz. Kei's never-changing hairstyle. Some members never improve (Jiae, Jisoo's aegyo voices). Their excessive aegyo.

12. [+63, -0] Too much international promotions before having a solid fandom. Most idols who didn't become popular, including my bias, are because they never developed a proper fandom. They went overseas too early and it even made the remaining fans leave the fandom.

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