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Should K-pop be nervous by the rise of V-pop, J-pop, C-pop, & T-pop?

Pann: I was on Youtube and I think K-pop should be nervous

(Pann talks about K-pop being compared to V-pop, J-pop, C-pop, T-pop, etc)

1. [+154, -1] To be honest, our country is the one with perfect dancing and singing... You'll laugh if you compare their music videos and our music videos ㅋㅋㅋㅋ But Koreans look down on idols when idols are the ones that spread the reputation.

2. [+136, -20] Seeing top groups like BTS, K-pop is amazing indeed ㅋ Since BTS skyrocketed all of a sudden, other agencies are alerted and they learned that domestic success isn't enough. Korean idols have reached high standards so we don't notice it but since Korea is tough on idols, the competition is fierce and idols have no choice but to improve ㅋㅋ If we get another case like BTS and Big Hit, we'll improve even more.

3. [+113, -0] I think our country's music industry won't be off our guard and continue to develop further. Look at Japan, for example. They never did any exchange like Galapagos and they were off their guard because their market was big. Because of that, they're completely out of the mainstream now. Their influence in Asia has also shrunk down a lot. That's what will happen if we become arrogant and be off our guard.

4. [+33, -1] You'll flop like Japan's J-pop if you become conceited. You have to be nervous all the time. Culture is constantly developing and changing. We can't be the top one forever.

5. [+26, -0] That's K-pop producers advancing to those countries and producing similar artists.

6. [+22, -0] We're still far ahead because our producing skills are extremely detailed. The producers care about every single thing like perverts. K-pop idols have excellent performances, songs, outfits, MVs, and concepts but they still don't think it's enough so they're even coming up with a concept of their own world... This would flop if they do it awkwardly but since their base is strong, it doesn't look cringey.

7. [+17, -0] Japanese idol group AKB48's choreography is done by GFriend's choreographer. Chinese idol group SNH48's music video is done by SM movie director. Korean production is everywhere.

8. [+16, -1] As long as our market doesn't become like Japanese... I just want K-pop to continue with its unique colors instead of adopting weird child dances, lolita, and shota stuffs.

9. [+16, -1] People say you can never catch up on the original but we can't be too sure ㅋㅋ Of course, the power of the country and the cultural influence are important. But our culture was expanded by following Japan and the US, so we're selling our formats to other countries and they learn from us... They'll catch up someday ㅋㅋ If a country isn't too tense and they have no desire on success, they wouldn't improve but Korean people are very ambitious and tense ㅋㅋㅋㅋ We can't help but improve.

10. [+14, -0] I'm a bit worried... Female idols are similar and so are the male idols. If we don't have a new idol concept, other countries will surpass. Look at Japan. They're trying to promote J-pop by using K-pop. They're being smart with the Produce show.

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