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Pann user loses her Korean citizenship

Pann OP's situation:

- She's 31. She was born in Brazil. Her parents were Korean nationals.

- She came back to Korea when she was 11 after her father passed away.
- Since then, she's been living in Korea as a dual-citizen.
- When she turned 26 (Korean age), she got a Korean passport and traveled to Philippines.
- When she was 28 (Korean age), she tried to go to Japan and found that her Korean citizenship was lost.

- She had lost her Korean citizenship when she turned 20 (legal age). Because Korea doesn't allow dual-citizenship (except certain circumstances) and she didn't voluntarily pick her citizenship, her Korean citizenship was lost automatically.
- It means that she's been living in Korea as an illegal resident. She got banned from leaving the country for her illegal status. She went to every office like diplomatic services, immigration service, and the embassy of Brazil but she couldn't find a way to gain back her Korean citizenship.

- She complained to diplomatic services that she was still able to get a Korean passport and travel to Philippines when she was 24. They told her it was due to a systematic error. She told them she finished all of her schools, had her Korean ID, had a job and had been paying all taxes just like any Korean citizen, but they again told her it was a systematic error and that she was an illegal resident.
- She complained to immigration bureau that she wasn't informed of choosing her citizenship when she turned 20. They told her that there was a time when the notice wasn't being sent. Her birthday was within the time of no notice. They told her she was an unfortunate case.

- As she tried to recover her Korean citizenship, she paid an enormous fine ($2~30,000) for using an "illegal passport", access to Korean health care, and other "illegal" documents.
- After clearing all the fines and stuff, she was told that she can recover her Korean citizenship only if she renounces her Brazilian citizenship within a year. However, the embassy of Brazil told her that for some reason, Brazil is not processing anything related to citizenship. The embassy told her they can send an official letter to the Korean government, but the outcome is rather unclear.
- She thought of going to Brazil to clear the case, but she's also unable to leave the country with a Brazilian passport due to her ban as an illegal resident.
- She admits that she and her family were ignorant of her situation. She's had no trouble until her attempted trip to Japan.


Pann: I lost my Korean citizenship

1. [+426, -28] How are they going to be responsible for the systematic error that could ruin someone's life? Then the country should also pay a compensation to you since they didn't do their work properly. The country gave you full education and your passport but not the civil rights. It's the fault of the officials. Report it to the Blue House. Maybe the president Moon will listen to you.

2. [+362, -1] Is "systematic error" a thing? It's always a mistake for them, not their fault... Always a systematic error... I can't believe I'm paying taxes to those idiots. Report it to the news. They're ruining someone's life with a systematic error.

3. [+317, -6] Report it to TV shows.

4. [+181, -0] I think you should meet up with a lawyer... And a lawsuit would be better.

5. [+178, -3] When she had to choose her citizenship, the country gave no notice so she had no way of knowing. She got every right as a citizen like her ID and passport but now they're calling her an illegal resident? How does this make sense? Shouldn't they give her a compensation for the systematic error, then? She even paid a huge fine but the country is still not solving this. Make a national petition, I'll vote for you.

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