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Accused studio submits their Kakaotalk chats with Yang Yewon

Article: [Exclusive] Yang Yewon, "Is there any work I can do this week?" ... Kakaotalk chats revealed

Source: Money Today via Nate

(The runner of the accused studio submitted recovered Kakaotalk chats he had with Yang Yewon 3 years ago. In the chats, Yang Yewon was willingly scheduling her photoshoots with the studio runner. They also talk about payments. In the span of 3 months, she had 13 photoshoots.)

1. [+2944, -186] The studio CEO, who's the victim, should sue Yang Yewon and claim for damages.

2. [+2653, -362] Because of the attacks from feminists, the poor studio CEO is unable to run his business anymore... And because Suzy was caught in a sense of justice, she acted rash and created a new victim...

3. [+2115, -902] I loved you, Suzy. Bye now ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+495, -11] She was a nude model because she needed money. Later, the photos got leaked. She was afraid that her boyfriend would find out, so she media-played like she was forced to do them. If she only complained about the leakage, she would've won.

5. [+371, -14] What I commented on May 17
1) To earn money, she agreed to take those photos on a mutual agreement. But she asked them not to leak the photos.
2) Since the pay is big, she did it 13 times.
3) She got the money, but she was still worried about the possible leakage.
4) She went around porn sites to look for the photos and found them.
5) She got a mental breakdown seeing the sexual comments.
6) Since she's a famous Youtuber, the photos were sent to people around her.
7) She couldn't tell her boyfriend that she did it for money, so she put on a fake show and claimed she was raped and forced. If this kind of thing really happened, you'd go to the police first instead of doing 12 more photoshoots. Well, she's on Youtube since she wants money. What did I tell you? Kids like her have a similar story ㅋㅋ I've seen kids like her numerous times in real life.

6. [+333, -7] Yang Yewon is done ㅋㅋ Lee Soyeon jumped in but she's also done ㅋㅋ Only Suzy will have a mental breakdown.

7. [+312, -12]
Photo leakage: guilty
False accusation: guilty
Studio: not guilty

8. [+270, -8] Similar to the Lee Jung Hee case from a few years ago, this country is way too biased towards self-proclaimed victims.


Article: 'Weekly Entertainment' Suzy, controversial of supporting 'Yang Yewon petition'... Asked whether she could be legally punished

Source: Xports News via Naver

(Lawyer says that the possibility of defamation is low, but she could be sued for damages)

1. [+3154, -470] Suzy's posts show that she only wanted the incident to be fully cleared. If the self-proclaimed victim was really a victim, then Suzy's posts would help. If the self-proclaimed victim was lying, then it would teach a lesson to not lie. Of course, we shouldn't get another victim from it. It's a pity since Suzy didn't intent anything bad.

2. [+2007, -146] Yang Yewon is really malicious because she didn't just lie, her lie could've killed someone. Because of people like Yang Yewon, influential people are hesitant to send their supports.

3. [+1625, -366] Punish the right one instead of Suzy.

4. [+754, -108] Big power comes with big responsibility.

5. [+665, -289] The case wasn't even settled but Suzy already acted like the studio was guilty. Of course it's a problem. If you're a public figure, you have to watch out what you write.

6. [+286, -19] I saw the Kakaotalk chats and I really dislike Yang Yewon. Suzy risked all the criticisms to support Yang Yewon because she believed her. But it was a big lie. Then what about Suzy...

7. [+258, -64] Some people still don't understand Suzy's fault. One of the most influential people in Korea was acting one-sided without knowing the details which destroyed someone's business. How is she innocent? Know when to shield. Fans create antis.

8. [+150, -9] If she should be forgiven because of her good intentions, then what about the victim from her actions?


Pann: What's with Yang Yewon's Kakaotalk chats?

1. [+170, -15] They promised her they wouldn't leak the photos, so she agreed to do the photoshoots. But they got leaked and her boyfriend and family found out about it. So she tried to cover it up by saying she was forced to do them. She wanted to act like a victim to cease down the issue but the people around her got upset and told her to sue them right away. So she was like OK and lied in the video... She didn't expect the studio to recover the old Kakaotalk chats to submit them as an evidence. She wouldn't have done this if she knew they were going to do that. We don't know until it's settled but the Kakaotalk chats don't seem any forcible and it's her who tries to do more photoshoots.

2. [+123, -3] This bitch had to pull this stunt when the timing is sensitive. She should've earned money in proper ways, then. She was the one who caused all this and now she's crying and asking people to solve it for her. Of course, the leakage was wrong but because of Yang Yewon, future MeToo posts will seem less credible. I'm embarrassed as a fellow woman.

3. [+109, -6] Yeah... I knew it. I got backstabbed, I can't even speak ㅋㅋ

4. [+86, -1] She was only acting.

5. [+80, -0] She took those photos a long time ago and now that they're leaked, she was worried so she lied ㅋㅋㅋㅋ MeToo is screwed because of her. What did other victims do wrong?

6. [+39, -0] Suzy's largely responsible. Yang Yewon could've cleaned up her image and move on but Suzy publicized the issue and it got backfired.

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