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New models of liquor brands for upcoming spring/summer

Kang Daniel is the new model of Hite Jinro beer 'Extra Cold'
IU & Park Seo Jun are the new models of Hite Jinro soju 'Chamisul'

Kim Hye Soo & Kim Taeri are the new models of Lotte Liquor beer 'Cloud'

Gordon Ramsay is the new model of OB Beer 'Cass'
Son Naeun is the new model of Muhak soju 'Good Day'

Article: "Cast top stars" Competition of liquor company models, two-model formula is rising

Source: Jeonja Newspaper via Naver

1. [+867, -558] The image of fresh Hite Extra Cold and Kang Daniel's bright and healthy image match well. I only drink Hite Extra Cold these days.

2. [+784, -475] Young and refreshing Kang Daniel and beer are a perfect match. Kang Daniel's dynamic drum play is a bonus. Hite Extra Cold beer for this summer~

3. [+829, -521] I tried Hite Extra Cold after seeing Kang Daniel's ad and it tasted much better than the previous Hite~

4. [+978, -671] Kang Daniel's young, dynamic, and energetic image is perfect for Hite model.

5. [+755, -471] I switched to Kang Daniel's Hite Extra Cold. It tastes better than before ^^

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