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Han Ye Seul suffers medical accident

I suffered a medical accident while getting a lipoma removal surgery. It's been 2 weeks since the surgery but the hospital offers no compensation. It breaks my heart to get treated everyday. Honestly, I don't think any compensation will make me feel better.


Pann: Han Ye Seul suffers medical accident

1. [+62, -0] Han Ye Seul was able to publicize this because she's a celebrity. Imagine a non-celebrity going through that and getting unfair treatment. Causing medical accident and not offering anything is just ruining the person's life.

2. [+29, -0] Hul, she's my role model. This is crazy... I feel so bad for her.

3. [+27, -2] That's crazy, how can they do that to an actress... It certainly wasn't easy for Han Ye Seul to speak up like that. She must've felt so sad to publicize it. The doctors need to be investigated and punished. Honestly, this was publicized because she was a celebrity. If this was a non-celebrity, they would've gotten nothing.

3. [+14, -0] What? Is this really Han Ye Seul? Is the hospital ran by delinquents?

4. [+11, -0] That's really serious. Looks are everything for a celebrity, especially an actor.

5. [+11, -0] What the hell;; It would've been more hopeless if she was a celebrity.

6. [+9, -0] Hul, the scar is so big... Which body part is that?

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