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Reasons why NCT and iKON are not doing well?

1) Very controversial members

Taeyong - past of frauds, insulting school girls, etc
Haechan - friends with sasaengs

BI - father's embezzlement, hitting maknae, etc
Junhoe - club

2) The rappers have too many singing parts

In comparison, vocal members get more parts for Winner

3) The coordi
NCT's coordi used to be iKON's coordi


Pann: The reasons why NCT and iKON are doing bad

1. [+559, -99] I wonder what Bobby thinks as he's watching BTS right now... Just three years ago, he thought BTS was a joke and dissed them...

2. [+302, -13] Even with Zico, Block B's songs are mostly about the melodies.

3. [+186, -25] I think #2 and 3 are the biggest factors. Even with a controversial member, a group can still become popular by fans shutting up people.

4. [+108, -1] Please don't mention Winner in this kind of posts ㅠㅠ

5. [+100, -9] Similarity between "flopping groups" - trolls always claim they're flopping. If they're flopping for real, people wouldn't even mention them.

6. [+99, -69] Honestly, it's true that NCT is a flop ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Some fans claim it was like this for EXO but their first week sales are much less than EXO's ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's hard to understand how their group system works and their songs are also weird. They should start by working on public recognition but why are they releasing minor songs?

7. [+95, -46] I called out the part distribution and the fans told me it was because Taeyong deserved it. It was the same with iKON. BI = Taeyong. Both are controversial members with extremely biased fans.

8. [+89, -22] I think iKON could survive if Yang Hyun Suk wakes up. But for NCT, Taeyong's fraud past is too big.

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