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JTBC News reveals an artist earns 0.42 won ($0.00042) per streaming

Pann: Did anybody watch JTBC News

An artist earns 0.42 won ($0.00042) per streaming.
100 times of streaming give 42 won ($0.042)
10000 times of streaming give 4,200 won ($4.20)

Heize, who charted high on every chart last month, earned total of 2.7M won ($2,700.00)


1. [+33, -0] Melon takes everything.

2. [+30. -1] This is really wrong. The streaming sites take too much. There needs to be a law that sets the minimum amount that the creators and artists take.

3. [+13, -0] Distribution (40%), Production (44%), Composition/Writing/Editing (10%), Artist (6%). While Heize earned 2.7M won, the distributors earned 18M won and the producers earned 19.8M won. The fans stream hard only to pay the Melon workers. Fuck.

4. [+9, -0] Such thieves. Honestly, the artists don't earn much from digital streaming. Their earnings mostly come from concerts and events. Singers like Heize would earn from events. I heard that popular singers earn a lot from events ㅋㅋ I think Sistar had earned a lot from events when they were at their peak. Singers like IU earn 80M won from one event... Anyways, the digital streaming isn't much profit. They earn from CFs and events that come from public recognition by their digital success.

5. [+8, -1] I heard that this was why Sistar disbanded because even though they did well digitally, they didn't have a big fandom and it didn't bring much money. Their group promotions didn't earn much so they disbanded to go on their own paths. A group without a fandom is meant to be disbanded. You need a fandom to have concerts and earn money. Digital streaming isn't profitable. It's not like the public will go to their concerts nor buy their albums or goods.

6. [+8, -0] This is seriously bad. My bias self-composes songs and it's just wrong.

7. [+6, -0] Concerts >> goods >>> physical sales >>>> digital sales

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