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Ex-iKONIC voices opinion on iKON's problems

Pann: As an ex-fan of iKON, here are the things that iKON should be working on

1) Losing their rookie mindset
2) BI-centered atmosphere
3) Divided fandom
4) Not caring about fans
5) Decrease in song quality

1. [+346, -62]
BI = Genius disease, GD disease, overrates himself
Bobby = Taeyang disease, tryhard
iKON = Bigbang disease, I'm-fucking-cool disease
They pretend to be "free" on the stage when they don't look free at all. They lost too much of their rookie mindset and it's even uncomfortable to watch. I've stanned them since Win so I felt attached to iKON as a group but not anymore. More like the attachment has gone.

2. [+296, -19] Wow... I agree a lot as a fan since pre-debut. A post like this could upset the fans but it's all correct. It's not a bashing post, it's a post that worries about them... I hope they find their rookie mindset and release songs with good lyrics and genuineness.

3. [+208, -10] I'm not a fan but I've watched them on Win, SMTM, and listened to their songs. I feel bad for some reason... They're still young kids and it was the company (=adults)'s responsibility to lead them so that they would be stable as a group and not lose their rookie mindset. I think the company pressured them too much and just left them by themselves... I feel really bad.

4. [+135, -11] Yes. I honestly thought they should've debuted when I watched Win because they looked so talented and full of potentials. But now I'm glad the hyungs got to debut in Winner. Winner has their unique color and they look cool naturally whereas iKON tries to be cool. Their first album was really good, but Bling Bling and B-day made me... completely speechless... Their hairstyles and outfits won't be liked by non-fans, especially Bobby. His styling was nice when he did featuring for Lee Hi and Soohyun. He was also cool on SMTM... He doesn't even look like the same person. Btw I'm a light stan of YG and I like all of Bigbang, Winner, iKON, and Black Pink.

5. [+105, -14] Junhoe and Bobby said they don't even have each other's number.

6. [+100, -4] Their songs are just bad... iKON's recent releases also disappointed me. I think they would've gotten good results if they came back with their old songs.

7. [+90, -17] Everything aside, I agree that they pretend to be free on the stage ㅋㅋ They don't look free at all. iKON is no different from other factory-produced idol groups but they think they're a special group just because they're from YG.

8. [+81, -23] The biggest disadvantage of iKON is the absence of a visual member. They're all unique and handsome but in every idol group, there's a member with amazing visuals but not iKON.

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