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Asians' skin exposure looks more sexual than Westerners'?

Pann: Same skin exposure from the West and the East, but the East looks more sexual

1. [+88, -3] I'm a man but I also thought the same thing. I think it's the difference between being used to it and not being used to it... Skin exposure from Westerners is portrayed a lot in the media and we were exposed to it since we were young. But we don't see a lot of skin exposure from Asians, especially in a conservative society like Korea. Also, this culture was settled not too long ago.

2. [+62, -3] I agree that it's about media exposure. There are a lot of photos and videos of stripped people in foreign media like movies and dramas. But in our country, showing your cleavage and exposing your skin is R-rated. If there's a cleavage in an evening drama, they might even get called to the board. In foreign countries, popular girls in teen dramas expose their cleavages freely. In Japan, they go beyond covering up and even dress female idols in children's clothes. China's atmosphere is not too different from Korea. In India, exposing a stomach is common so they have nothing against exposing a waist, but they're against exposing your legs so they find Korea's short shorts sexual. It's the difference between exposure.

3. [+59, -0] It's also the looks. Westerners have very defined bodies so they look more mature, but Asians have softer bodies and it makes them look like kids. So wearing sexual clothes looks a bit wrong... Mature-looking people like Lee Hyori can pull off skin exposure and looks sexy, not too sexual.

4. [+23, -2] It's the difference between attitude towards women's bodies. Nude pictorials in the West show women who look confident and independent. But these misogynistic East Asian countries like Korea and Japan show women who look shy and look like they don't want to be exposed, but they have to be. Since we have to view women's bodies in a perverted way, we find Asians' skin exposure sexual and Westerners' skin exposure confident and not sexual.

5. [+20, -0] It's true. In the West, wearing a noddle strap top looks natural but it looks a bit sexual in our country.

6. [+15, -2] Isn't it because we look young overall? It looks like children wearing adults' clothes.

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