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The chart reform doesn't do much?

Pann: The chart reform is more hopeless

(Pann talks about how the chart reform made it harder for unpopular idols to chart high and that popular idols will still chart high no matter what)

1. [+114, -0] Even with the reform, popular artists still dominate the chart after dawn. This is the most useless reform I've ever seen.

2. [+92, -1] It's so meaningless ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They're trying hard to make idols chart lower.

3. [+87, -2] There's no solution if a group releases a song at noon. What about the fans that are at school ㅠㅠ

4. [+44, -1] The digital charts are being mean because idol fans use the chart sites to stream but they're putting the fans at disadvantage.

5. [+37, -0] If they want a proper reform, they need to get rid of the 5-minute chart first. The person who came up with the 5-minute chart needs to be punched every 5 minutes. This stirs up the most competitions.

6. [+36, -1] BTOB managed to dominate the chart from dawn till the morning. What reform is this ㅋㅋ A popular group will still dominate the chart. BTS' b-sides still line-up on the chart at dawn and EXO's last summer release still charts high ㅋㅋ The chart reform is completely meaningless. It just kills unpopular idols.

7. [+28, -0] How can they call it a real-time chart when releases at dawn are reflected in the afternoon? Isn't it discriminating certain users and artists? People are allowed to compete freely, how can they come up with this kind of a thought? They said they're doing this because idol music is dominating the real-time chart but isn't it essentially saying that they're discriminating idol fans and will only reflect the opinions of non-fans? Is this a class division or what? They think idol music haters are the only proper listeners and users?

8. [+26, -1] It's really meaningless. BTOB still dominated the chart at dawn. Idols can still dominate the chart as long as they have a fandom. Even after a reform, BTOB charted better than before. They reformed to push idols out of the chart but it actually became a real idol fest. Singers with a small fandom, indie artists, and unpopular idols will get charted out as soon as they release songs.

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