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The foods that doctors and nutritionists avoid the most

Article: The foods that doctors and nutritionists avoid the most?

Source: Chosun Ilbo via Naver

100 doctors, pharmacists, and nutritionists were surveyed
1) Carbonated drink (42)
2) Deli such as ham and sausage (33)
3) Tripe/entrail (gopchang/makchang) (22)
4) Margarine (20)
5) Ramen (16)
5) Salted dishes such as salted fish and pickled vegetable (16)


1. [+1080, -57] Alcohol is the worst.

2. [+980, -141] Once you become aged, your stomach will reject them. Enjoy it while you can ㅠㅠ

3. [+765, -93] There are doctors that smoke outside of the ER. It's just their opinions.

4. [+939, -171] I'm having two servings of buddae jjigae and a bottle of coke for today's lunch.

5. [+193, -5] I agree about gopchang and makchang. If you consider the process, hygiene, and health, it's not a food that's worth any penny.

6. [+109, -2] Guys... please refrain yourselves from eating the foods that the newspaper and the broadcast tell you not to eat. Why do you think so many people in their 40's and 50's have cancers and diseases? It's because of the consumption of bad food and bad air. You think you can just eat any ham, sausage, ramen, greasy stuff, sweet stuff, and soda because you're young but after reaching the age of 40, you'll be faced with various diseases and even cancers. If you don't want to get a cancer at a young age, don't eat the foods that are not recommended.

7. [+131, -10] If you eat gopchang/makchang, you're only getting yourself a cancer. Gopchang-related restaurant owners will 100% get a cancer and die. The smoke from grilling gopchang is cancerous enough.

8. [+111, -6] What I don't understand the most is when people give spam as a holiday gift.

9. [+105, -7] Eating makchang is eating a ton of germs. Internal organs of beasts are all dangerous.

10. [+103, -8] I'm a doctor and I always end up eating hamburgers and order chicken during my night shifts. I guess the surveyed doctors are those that are always in their labs, huh?

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