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Is this possible between a brother and a sister? (ft. Baro)

Pann: Is this possible or impossible between a brother and a sister?

1. [+498, -7] Eating a meal together is already impossible.

2. [+442, -31] It's possible of the oppa is Baro.

3. [+290, -14] I think I'll throw up if I look at my brother from that distance... It'd be possible if he looks like Baro. Imagining him with my brother's face makes me want to vomit.

4. [+95, -0] It's possible if one is trying to feed the other with bad food.

5. [+64, -0] Its possible if my brother pays me for it.

6. [+57, -0] Don't even talk about this. It's upsetting my stomach.

7. [+52, -1] It's possible if I'm feeding him fart.

8. [+43, -2] I'm a fan of Baro and he takes care of his sister a lot. Their family was poor so they had loan collectors coming to their place and taking their stuff. Baro's sister cried and shouted at the ajussis while calling Baro but he pretended to sleep and ignored her. Since then, he felt really sorry for her. Anyways, he takes care of her a lot.

9. [+40, -0] I could if I starve for 3 days.

10. [+33, -1] I think it'd be possible if I was Yoonji and my brother was Baro. But it's impossible with my own brother. I don't even want to eat with him. I really envy having Baro as a brother though...

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