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Mamamoo's blackface

Solar: "White unnie"
Hwasa: "Black unnie"


Pann: Mamamoo is getting hate from i-fans

1. [+260, -23] This is really serious... They need to cancel tomorrow's concert and reflect.

2. [+184, -8] A proper apology and reflection are needed. It's not like the members didn't contribute at all to the VCR.

3. [+165, -10] They went too far with this.

4. [+108, -43] They're not even funny. I don't understand why people call them beagles and funny.

5. [+94, -6] Mamamoo is talented and funny but sometimes, they cross the line.


Pann: A controversial performance

1. [+189, -2] Of course this is racist. Imagine someone trying to look like an Asian or a Korean and make their eyes slanted. Black people are always made fun of for their skin color. I live overseas and I got serious goosebumps when a white person made their eyes slanted and grinned at me...

2. [+174, -40] I really hate it. They're so ignorant. I hate the fact that they didn't complain about the scene of date abuse in their music video. The fans complained and deleted it, but they were laughing and playing with it. What girl crush? How can the artists not know about a controversial scene in MV? They didn't even know why the fans complained to delete it. Instead, they were imitating it. And now this racism... The company apologized because people complained about it. Do they even know what they did wrong?

3. [+134, -14] Learn from Eric Nam. Such a difference in class.

(Eric Nam refusing to cosplay Gandhi)

4. [+67, -4] I've always felt that they were trying too hard to be a tomboyish group. Their singing talents, faces, and bodies are good enough to get recognized but they really want to show that they're tomboyish and funny beyond looking pretty. It did come off unnatural...

5. [+59, -1] Disaster from ignorance...

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