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2013 had a lot of idol hit songs?

Idols songs that were daesang nominees for 2013 KBS gayo daejun
Expect - Girl's Day
Give It To Me - Sistar
Miss Right - Teen Top
Nonono - Apink
Dream Girl - SHINee
Red Shoes - IU
Man in Love - Infinite
Bar Bar Bar - Crayon Pop
Shadow - B2ST
I Got a Boy - Girls' Generation
Growl - EXO
What's Happening - B1A4
What's Your Name - 4Minute
Hush - Miss A


Pann: There were a lot of hit songs in 2013

1. [+154, -5] Wow, What's Happening, Growl, and Nonono were released in 2013... Time passes so fast.

2. [+114, -13] I feel that the entertainment industry was rich in 2013... Is it because that was when I joined my fandom?

3. [+113, -9] Dream Girl is still a really good song to listen to...

4. [+43, -5] Where's Crooked by G-Dragon? It won a daesang.

5. [+39, -3] I personally liked G-Dragon's Black and Baechigi's Shower of Tears. I also listened to Yoon Mirae's Touch Love which was Master's Son OST and Hyorin's Crazy of You.

6. [+36, -2] Yay, happy to see What's Happening. I know every song ㅋㅋ Reading the song titles already makes me hear the intro and the chorus in my head... I don't feel anything when I hear 2013 but I get shocked when I hear that it was 4 years ago... It feels so afar...

7. [+36, -2] Bounce by Cho Yong Pil

8. [+34, -2] I still like Dream Girl and Man in Love. Bounce was also daebak.

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