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Lim Chang Jung to marry his pregnant girlfriend who's 18 years younger

Pann: Crazy, Lim Chang Jung is marrying a woman who's 18 years younger

1. [+176, -11] While Lim Chang Jung was gulping down beer at a bar, his girlfriend was sucking on a baby bottle at home. The entertainment industry is a completely different world.

2. [+136, -8] So people said it's The Love I Quickly Shot ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+132, -8] Hul... Lim Chang Jung's wife was 1 when he was 19...

4. [+92, -3] Am I the only one who feels bad for Lim Chang Jung's two sons? He has three sons. The maknae is living with his mother and Lim Chang Jung is raising the other two. That woman is pregnant... Of course she'll prefer her own child over the two unrelated sons. When the family visits the woman's family, the two sons will be ignored...

5. [+69, -2] Honestly, if my daughter wants to marry a divorced man who's 18 years older with three kids, I'm gonna assassinate the guy.

6. [+67, -1] Lim Chang Jung has a 11-year-old son. His girlfriend and his son's age gap is 15 years ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Lim Chang Jung and his girlfriend have a bigger age gap.

7. [+57, -3] His ex-wife was 29 with three kids... She was at the age to peak as a golfer but she was caught with an old man, I felt bad for her. This time, he made a 25-year-old pregnant before marriage... I see what kind of a life Lim Chang Jung has had. I didn't mind their dating news but ugh. If she was my family, I would've done anything to stop her.

8. [+53, -2] Lim Chang Jung is known to harass women sexually

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