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GFriend SinB faints on a stage

SinB sweats as she sings

She hangs her head & looks unstable

She falls & faints

The two managers take her out

In July, her shoulder had dislocated but she still attended an event on the next day.


Pann: GFriend SinB fainted at an event

1. [+87, -0] Two members are sick, isn't it really serious? Other members must be tired physically as well... They get invited to a lot of events so their company is overworking them. It's too much. Mamamoo's event schedule is also no joke. I hope the companies of these two groups take care of their artists... I thought Source Music was a good company but I guess not.

2. [+53, -0] I watched the video and the way she fainted looked very serious. Her shoulder also gets dislocated a lot. I think she's very tired from the tough schedule... Source Music, stop overworking them... Don't be sick, SinB.

3. [+48, -0] I feel so bad... She couldn't get up even with the members' help. I hope to see good news from the official account soon.

4. [+24, -0] Sowon and Yerin might not be fine, either... They might be just barely enduring.

5. [+24, -0] I'm a Buddy and I'm so pissed at Source Music. I knew they were like this when Yuju said they get 6 hours of sleep per week. They do 2~3 events per day and their choreography is hard. No wonder why she fainted. I think Yerin and Sowon are super strong, they're the only fine ones. GFriend should never renew their contracts with Source Music.

6. [+22, -0] They should really produce a boy group after GFriend becomes bigger... They're popular already but the members are more important. If they're debuting a boy group soon, I will not support the hoobae group at all as a Buddy. Source Music should take care of the members if they want to benefit more from GFriend.

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