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Twice's TT vs IOI's Very Very Very

Pann: Twice's TT vs IOI's Very Very Very

1. [+168, -52] IOI ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The "neomu neomu neomu~ neo~mu neomu neomu" part can't stop ringing in my head.

2. [+111, -164] Definitely TT. Very Very Very isn't a good song.

3. [+102, -126] I like both but honestly, IOI's song is a mess and the lyrics are only "neomu neomu neomu"

4. [+60, -14] Honestly, Very Very Very is more catchy

5. [+60, -27] I can't understand what they're singing in TT so IOI for me

6. [+55, -12] Very Very Very is IOI's best song so far

7. [+45, -28] At first, I liked Very Very Very but after a few listens, I prefer TT

8. [+35, -8] Very Very Very for me. Park Jin Young is a good composer indeed.

9. [+34, -18] TT is so catchy

10. [+28, -13] I watched the stages and I liked IOI's much more

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