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"Why should women shave their armpits?"

Pann: Am I guy but why should women shave their armpits?

(OP says it's natural for women to have armpit hair)

1. [+692, -21] Only a few guys have a mindset like you

2. [+529, -16] What a wise man... You'll be blessed.

3. [+478, -16] You have a very good mindset. Honestly, I shave because I'm self-conscious.

4. [+100, -1] Because even to me, it looks better without armpit hair

5. [+96, -79] We need more guys like you. Unfortunately, our country is full of male bugs...

6. [+88, -7] I think this post is written by a girl pretending to be a guy

7. [+64, -1] I honestly think people should shave it whether they're a man or a woman because it looks better without armpit hair.

8. [+47, -11] Men also look dirty and smelly with armpit hair. I also want men to shave theirs.

9. [+46, -1] Good mindset... But I shave because I'm too conscious about it. If I don't, I feel really uncomfortable.

10. [+31, -1] I just hate seeing armpit hair. I go "fuck it" and shave mine. And you sound like a girl.

11. [+27, -2] But honestly, even as a woman, I find it bizarre when I see a woman with armpit hair.

12. [+26, -1] Some men don't even know that women have armpit hair as well. Idiots, right? ㅋㅋ

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