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Japanese guest at Sheraton Waikiki Hotel expresses disturbance caused by SM trip

"On the first floor of Sheraton Waikiki Hotel, there seems to be an event going on by a group of Japanese people. I can't sleep because it's too noisy and loud. It's a hotel, consider that there are other costumers as well. There must be foreign costumers also."

"I'm sure you guys will file a complaint if Chinese or Korean people behave like this."

K-Pop fans informed the Japanese guest that it's a party held by a Korean entertainment company, not a group of Japanese people. The guest replied that they don't have a problem with a company trip but still expressed frustration towards the hotel's poor soundproof system.

"I confirmed the guest directly and they're indeed frustrated with the hotel's soundproof system."

"I glanced down as I was smoking. There was a lot of Koreans but also a few Japanese people as well. I heard that TVXQ is in the company. Well, I can't do anything about the mess. I wonder why they're doing this at a hotel without soundproof system. It would've been better if they held it at a hall."

"I stayed at Sheraton this time and the bar Rumfire in the first floor is loud. They keep playing 4/4 beats. Hawaii feels like a mess. Let's avoid this place next time."


Instiz: A guest is experiencing disturbance because the hotel where SM party is held doesn't have good soundproof system

- I thought SM rented out the entire hotel, I guess they didn't. Ugh, what a nuisance.

- I honestly think it's the hotel's fault... SM only rented the place.

- It's a real disturbance. The customer also paid their own money for the hotel.

- It would've been better if they rented an entire hotel with a good soundproof system.

- What is this trip for?

- The Japanese fans at the hotel are also problematic... Why do they have to go all the way there...

- I saw a similar post yesterday... Someone was vacationing at the hotel but they moved to a next hotel because it was to loud ㅠㅠ

- There wouldn't have been too many sasaengs if SM didn't spill the information of the hotel

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