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Is Black Pink's popularity from their YG title?

Pann: If Black Pink was in other company

(Pann questions if Black Pink would still win #1 on music shows without YG title)

1. [+264, -57] Getting into a good company, getting good songs, and getting good responses are Black Pink's own capability.

2. [+168, -40] I like their songs though... I didn't like them at first but I became addicted later.

3. [+112, -133] I also don't like Whistle, it sounds too bland. At least the "hwiparamparamparam" part was cool.

4. [+56, -5] Yeah they're getting YG benefits. So what? Tell your bias to go to a big company, then. It took them 6 years to debut, do you have to be like that?

5. [+51, -11] I think Black Pink would've been more issued if they were from a small company

6. [+45, -5] Honestly, it is YG benefits. But having YG benefits is their capability ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+42, -8] I don't think they would've been buried with those visuals

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