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A shop in Hongdae sells penis-shaped hot dogs

The hot dogs are divided into two types - Asia & black hyung. 'Asia' type is the original hot dog and 'black hyung' type is a hot dog with chocolate-flavored bread. You can also choose to have white sediment or rice cake instead of a sausage in the hot dog.


Instiz: A Hongdae shop where they sell hog dogs that look like a penis

- I wish they wouldn't do this. It's sexual harassment... It's not even a sex museum. I also hate how they divide it as black hyung and Asia.

- I think they also sell these at Love Land in Jeju Island. I wouldn't mind it if it was sold at that place.

- I'd be embarrassed to be walking around with it

- You shouldn't mess around with food

- I'm more shocked at how detailed the hot dogs are

- It's much more disgusting that I thought... I don't even want to imagine myself putting it in my mouth

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