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Finalized ranking of female celebrities on MLBPARK

1) Nayoung of IOI
2) Kim Yuna
3) Sana of Twice
4) Kei of Lovelyz
5) Taeyeon of SNSD
6) Suzy of Miss A
7) Nayeon of Twice
8) Mina of Twice


Pann: This year's ranking on a male-dominated site (MLBPARK)

1. [+146, -80] Nayoung lucked out. Those who hated Kim Yuna's continuous #1 all voted Nayoung.

2. [+110, -48] Where's the fox bitch whom fans claimed to be popular on male-dominated sites? ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+95, -38] Thanks for the mention. Whether this ranking was a result of political battles or luck, it cheered up us IOI fans who were tired by the individual promotions ㅠㅠ Their subunit is coming on August 9, please support them <3 I personally like everybody in this ranking.

4. [+74, -18] Taeyeon is so amazing... She's been around for 10 years...

5. [+40, -11] I really like how there are 3 Twice members in top 10

6. [+35, -12] Taeyeon is really amazing, she's maintaining her spot for 10 years. So is Suzy.

7. [+34, -2] You don't actually believe that Nayoung is more popular than Kei, Sana, Suzy, and Taeyeon, right?

8. [+31, -11] Twice is really big. If their votes were combined, they would've won #1.

9. [+30, -37] Nayoung benefited a lot from political battles.

10. [+18, -1] Let me explain the situation of MLBPARK voting. The ranking is called BULLDESS and they vote every year to pick goddesses. It was first created by a Kara fan. Kim Yuna is always #1, so people label her as a god and the real ranking begins at #2. For this year, people again expected Kim Yuna to win #1 so other fandoms focused on taking #2. Usually, idols beat actors on BULLDESS. Twice has a strong fandom and they were really popular this year, so Twice members won #1 in the first round. A lot of Twice members made to the final round. But just because there are many members, it doesn't mean that it's good. Popularity aside, you have to pick a certain member to make them win like the case of IOI Nayoung. (I voted for Kei by the way) And popular idols are not voted by other fandoms due to the high competition, so it's also hard for them to win. Anyways, Kim Yuna has been winning on this ranking every year and other fans got sick of it. They rebelled and started a movement to suppress Kim Yuna. Twice Sana and Nayeon are obviously popular so they didn't get many votes in the final round because of the competition. Since the first round, Sana was the most voted one so I expected her to compete against Kim Yuna in the final round and Kim Yuna would beat Sana and win the ranking. But the Kim Yuna antis voted for Nayoung and that's how Nayoung won. The reason why this worked was because Nayoung doesn't have popularity or recognition, so other fandoms didn't care about her. In other words, people just voted for Nayoung to beat Kim Yuna. Poor Kim Yuna...

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