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Black Pink's debut + similarities to Red Velvet's MV?

Pann: Wow, Black Pink's song is good

1. [+147, -19] I was shocked because Jisoo could sing

2. [+137, -15] I liked everything but barabarabarabam was so funny ㅋㅋㅋㅋ And the intro of Boombayah was so cool. Honestly, they're iKON + 2NE1 rather than Winner.

3. [+120, -10] They looked like Winner in the teasers but they're just like 2NE1! I'm not saying it in a bad way, they're such a girl crush.

4. [+54, -3] I prefer Whistle

5. [+51, -1] Antis said Jisoo can't sing but she can and she has a good vocal color ㅋㅋ Rosé is really good, too. The two rappers are better than most female idol rappers.

6. [+51, -0] They had really long legs. They look better in videos than photos.


Pann: Black Pink's MV and Red Velvet's MV

1. [+154, -7] I'm a Red Velvet fan and the fact that I'm shielding Black Pink is funny. It is similar but I don't think it's plagiarism. The music videos are produced by the same director so they have similar aspects. Those scenes are common in music videos, though. Sitting in a car and sitting on a dining table. There are a lot of similar songs created by the same composers as well.

2. [+134, -12] I'm a Red Velvet stan but they're produced by the same director. The dining table scene is similar but I think it's not plagiarism. Some scenes just happen to be similar. The car scene is common.

3. [+129, -4] I'm a Red Velvet fan and they're similar, but those scenes are commonly used in music videos. They debuted today but they're already getting into controversies with my bias, I feel bitter.

4. [+68, -1] I'm a Red Velvet fan and some fans find it similar, but I definitely don't think it's plagiarism. It's a weird situation where Red Velvet fans are shielding them.

5. [+62, -1] The screencaps make them look similar but when I watched the actual music video, I didn't even find it similar. I'm a Red Velvet stan and I watched their music video more than 10 times.

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