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Describe your current feeling in one sentence

Pann: Describe your current feeling in one sentence

1. [+638, -3] It's so fucking hot

2. [+437, -9] I hope everybody here does well

3. [+434, -2] I have friends but I have no one to contact to

4. [+165, -2] If I was pretty, it would've been different

5. [+157, -0] I hate myself for being like this when I'm supposed to be studying

6. [+150, -0] I don't want the school to start, I hate how I'll have to go through another year

7. [+134, -0] There's nothing fun to do or something I want to do, I just feel so empty

8. [+110, -1] My future is a lot darker than I thought

9. [+100, -1] I want to go back to the happy times

10. [+89, -1] I don't want to go to school, I don't want to see their face, everything is shitty

11. [+82, -0] Fuck, which university can get into?

12. [+55, -0] I'm not doing anything but I want to do less things

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