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Baekhyun's controversial acting

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Pann: Baekhyun's controversial acting

1. [+336, -32] Is Baekhyun shameless? Child actors in Cummi The Fairy are better than him.

2. [+332, -47] His visual is lacking, he's short, and he can't act. He's completely hopeless.

3. [+320, -35] His bad acting is indeed problematic but I also think he didn't understand the original character. Drama Gallery is criticizing him hard because he's not even prepared. Did the staff cast him in hopes of high ratings? I can't watch it whenever Baekhyun is on.

4. [+117, -41] I changed the channel when Baekhyun was on. It's us viewers who have to suffer the embarrassment ㅠㅠ If you have some shame, don't act, Baekhyun.

5. [+98, -13] It's funny how fans are shielding him ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The original character isn't someone who reads a textbook.

6. [+81, -18] Look at EXO-roaches' comments. They say we're insulting him when we're criticizing his acting.

7. [+76, -5] If he's going onto acting for the first time, he should start from a small role like a web drama. Why was he confident enough to start from a sageuk? I don't understand Baekhyun and the director. Why did they even cast him?

8. [+74, -3] He's cute only to fans. For drama viewers, he looks like an elementary school kid trying to act.

9. [+66, -10] Baekhyun was all about EXO stage outfits and makeup... He looks like a loser next to other actors and his acting was so shameless. Lee Junki is not at the level to be in the same scene with Baekhyun for acting.

10. [+63, -2] I watched the drama and the quality shrinks down when IU and Baekhyun are on. Their acting doesn't have depth. Actors are definitely different. Lee Junki's acting was amazing. Lee Junki carried the drama. Kang Haneul was decent or better. Jisoo was decent. IU, Hong Jong Hyun, and Nam Joohyuk were decent or worse. Baekhyun was below average. The storyline is clear when Lee Junki is on but the rest of the actors are ruining the story. The storyline and the production are fine, but their acting... I don't understand why she's called an acting genius.

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