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Who do you think is the digital monster boy group after Bigbang?

Pann: Who do you think is the digital monster boy group after Bigbang?

1. [+233, -63] How is Infinite a digital monster? They could dominate the chart with b-sides for an hour. But after 3 days, their songs are #20~30. I don't hate Infinite but they're definitely not one. I haven't even heard of their solo songs.

2. [+172, -79] EXO is always on the top chart and Lil' Something is a good song. I think it's Block B after Bigbang?

3. [+166, -16] Block B, B2ST, EXO, and Winner. Isn't it Block B right after Bigbang?

4. [+83, -5] Objectively, top 5 is Bigbang (wall), Block B, EXO, Winner, and iKON. Plus B2ST.

5. [+78, -25] You're shameless if you're mentioning Infinite ㅋㅋㅋㅋ A digital monster should chart at #1 when their song is out.

6. [+63, -2] Instead of a group, isn't it Zico? I don't think any other idol solo can sweep the digital chart except GD. Fear, Okey Dokey, Turtle Ship, Tough Cookie, Yes or No, Boys And Girls, It Was Love, Eureka, You Are Me I Am You, etc.

7. [+57, -152] Infinite. I was so shocked when their solo album dominated the chart ㅋㅋ

8. [+54, -34] I thought EXO was all about their fandom power but Monster was #1 on Melon chart for 100 hours. Growl is a big success. Didn't Dream do well as well? My school plays Dream every lunch time.

9. [+53, -6] Block B, iKON, Winner, B2ST

10. [+50, -1] Excluding fandom power, there's only a few. Bigbang is a wall. I think it's EXO, Block B, Winner, and iKON for now.

11. [+48, -38] EXO-roaches, EXO isn't one. It's honestly B2ST, Block B, iKON, and Winner.

12. [+48, -24] Block B... For EXO, only fans listen to them.

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