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IU's lolita evidences + more

Ex-Loen worker who is currently a music PD tweeted, "it's not right to see an interpretation and an imagination of an art as a problem."

Zeze is posing like a pin-up girl. Behind him, the tree has a hole and there are mushrooms beside it. The flower on the tree symbolizes purity. The lyrics "take the youngest leaf here" has a sexual meaning. In the original book, the flower is actually white, not red. The tree also doesn't have a hole.

"Producer: IU"

Similarities to lolita films

Milk marks on her shirt

"Down the rabbit hole" is a phrase in Alice in Wonderland but it's also a slang of sex and drugs.

Dog food and water when there's no animal. BDSM reference.

The vase falls but instead of transparent water, there's white water. 
Flower = purity. White water = men's cum.

IU's old teaser was also inspired from the film 'Lolita'


Pann: Why is Loen working like this

1. [+573, -7] Her future will be similar to the aftermath of Eunhyuk scandal. In her interview about Zeze, she said that it could be interpreted in many ways. She's smart, she dug her way out already ㅋㅋ In next year's spring or fall, she's gonna comeback with a very emotional song ㅋㅋ She's gonna comeback with a guitar and sing an acoustic song without any lolita stuff, just like how she came back with Friday and Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms after Eunhyuk incident. She's gonna appeal as an artist, not with a pedophilia concept. She's not gonna perform on music shows and is gonna be on shows like Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook and talk about the hardships she had and how people helped her. She said that Yoo Inna helped her a lot through Eunhyuk scandal. She's gonna say obvious stuff like "I'm sorry for disappointing my fans~" and that she's gonna pay back with her music. After a few months, she's gonna release an album with a guitar and show that she's not a pedo. The public will be like, "you're the best, IU ㅠㅠ" and then IU is going to bring a lolita concept again ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The public is just gonna be stupid, getting fooled by her again and again ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Or maybe IU thought of another route because she's smart.

2. [+471, -6] IU's clarification in the future: "Uh... ah I don't know whom I should apologize first. Should I apologize to fans.. to Zeze... to the victims of pedophilia... hahaha... I'm sorry, everyone... Ah... why did I do that...? Inna unnie told me to come over and eat... Kiha oppa called me and asked if I was okay... Do people actually believe that I wrote the lyrics on purpose????"

3. [+257, -3] There's a limit to imaginations. The book is based on a real story. Isn't it problematic that her imagination went that far? No one would've cared if she kept her imaginations to herself. But she released a song about it and is earning money by it.

4. [+127, -1] I hope Britney sues her ㅋㅋㅋㅋ How sly. She'll wake up after a big slap in her face.

5. [+126, -1] Pedophilia is a psychological disease. It's not a preference.

6. [+109, -1] Loen is in trouble. It's not the public, it's Britney. The company is screwed if Britney sues them. America's copyrights are strict, they go up to a billion. Britney's copyright goes up to 150 billion won. Other pop singers that are below Britney still go up to 100 billion. Bye Loen.

7. [+93, -1] I was so surprised because she suddenly starred in a drama as a lead after Eunhyuk scandal ㅋㅋ She's so shameless ㅋㅋ Her mentality is not usual and she's shameless, so she's gonna take this chance to change her image. She's gonna get a movie role as a good character ㅋㅋ But it won't work this time.

8. [+79, -2] Even though we're telling the truth, IU must've found her way out of it. We can't help it because she's too sly.


The lyrics of Modern Times is about missing Charlie Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin's 4 wives were much younger than him, and 3 of them were teens. The original writer of the film 'Lolita' said they were inspired by Charlie Chaplin.

The scene of her pouring cereal on herself is very similar to a scene in a film 'Mysterious Skin', which is about child rape. Brian, who was raped by his coach, was tricked by cereal, which is the story behind the scene.


Pann: IU and Chaplin

1. [+530, -13] She's an onion. It's not just her album. IU as a singer was fully a lolita.

2. [+442, -12] What... is this... There are too many evidences, they don't even seem like a reach ㅋㅋ

3. [+405, -15] So she kept hinting it little by little... She started to look weird since Go Show... Since Eunhyuk incident, she didn't seem like the old IU.

IU: "I'm going to disappoint my fans. I'm going to backstab them hard."

4. [+266, -5] I don't think she's intending to have a lolita image. Rather, she fantasizes a relationship between an aged guy and a young cat-like girl.

5. [+234, -5] She doesn't have the body but she wants to appeal sexually and look seductive... Is that why she got into a lolita concept?

6. [+200, -3] I think she did a lolita concept because her body is too elementary-like for a sexy concept. It's too much though ㅋㅋ

7. [+154, -2] I'm starting to be scared of IU

8. [+150, -2] It's not a witchhunt. These things are finally starting to make sense, they're convincing. It's not like people are seeking to hate on her. The puzzles finally fit. Her lolita concept is obvious here.


Pann: I found another lolita stuff of IU

1. [+217, -15] The dolls behind her are giving me goosebumps... The girl doll is stripped and there's an ajussi doll above. So scary. I deleted all of IU songs.

2. [+205, -5] Woah ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Look at her pose, hands, and shoes. Obviously lolita.

3. [+201, -9] Hul... Goosebumps. It's so obvious.

4. [+77, -0] People are working hard to find lolita evidences. Even though we have no more evidences, it's confirmed that her concept is lolita ㅋㅋ Even if IU says that her blank facial expression wasn't intended by her, it's just an excuse. We don't need excuses, she's always been a lolita concept.

5. [+75, -1] The door says 68 and it's also a bit iffy... Everybody knows that 69 means oral sex. 68 means one giving oral sex to another and the receiving person giving it back in the future. It's "I owe you one" kind of meaning. 69-1=68. In foreign countries, it's like a lie for a man to get a blowjob and promising the woman to do it for her in the future. I think it's used here to mean the man giving oral sex to the girl and expecting the girl to do it to the guy after she grows up.

6. [+70, -1] Lolita is not a wrong word but it sounds neutralized. Pedophilia is the same meaning. Lolita = pedophilia = crime. Please remember.


Pann: Heo Ji Woong's reaction to IU controversy

(Pann talks about Heo Ji Woong criticizing the publishing company for speaking up)

1. [+347, -4] The reason why the publishing company is sensitive about this is because 30 years ago, they worked hard for a long time to publish My Sweet Orange Tree in Korea. They even went to the country to meet the original author. They also hired a long-term diplomat from the country to minimize translation errors. They worked really hard so that Zeze can comfort the domestic child victims. That's why they feel attached to the book and the character.

2. [+307, -9] Attention seeker. Those that think they work for arts tend to think that immoral things are special. "Zeze won't agree with the publishing company"? No, Zeze will be hurt by IU's song calling him dirty.

3. [+263, -6] What he says in the beginning is right, but IU chose a wrong target. It's true that people have different interpretations on arts and that it's wrong for a publishing company to set up an interpretation. But do we have to respect an interpretation that sexualizes a 5-year-old and calling him dirty and evil when he's a victim of domestic violence? That's not freedom of interpretations, that's a crime. Do you think nothing is wrong with a celebrity promoting pedophilia? Ajussi, think before you speak. And stop using SNS with every issue to get attention.


Pann: IU will realize that she's wrong after getting sued and having a hard time

1. [+333, -33] Look how her fans love to hate on other celebrities but demand us not to hate IU ㅋㅋ Honestly, didn't we hold onto IU enough? How about you guys waking up and finding other singer to stan? You never know when she'll backstab you again ㅋ

2. [+312, -13] If other female idols did what IU did, they would've gotten hate to death. Eunhyuk incident, plagiarism, and sexual interpretations of a book. GFriend didn't even plagiarize but people still call them out. But IU is getting defended ^^

3. [+284, -8] Plagiarizing is a crime, you idiots. Instead of defending her crime, worry about potential lawsuits instead. USA and Korea are different.

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