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What's the worst confession you've ever gotten?

Pann: What's the worst confession you've ever gotten?

1. [+411, -5] A married guy asked me if I wanted to be his second. I seriously wanted to kill him.

2. [+384, -4] He invited all the girls to a group chat and asked, "Who wants to date me?" No one answered so he messaged them individually and asked if they wanted to date him.

3. [+359, -6] At a school camping, he said, "My dance is for OO" and danced to Taeyang's song ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I wanted to run away.

4. [+300, -1] I had a seatmate in class. I told him that the class was boring and he said, "Sometimes, breaking away isn't too bad..." I ignored him. In the next class, he suddenly stood up and shouted, "Sorry!!!!" to the teacher. He tried to take me out of the class. I shook him off and he fell. The whole class burst into laughter and called it a drama. This incident got known to the entire school. I wanted to kill myself.

5. [+245, -14] I've never gotten a confession...

6. [+238, -95] On White Day, I got a big Chupa Chups from a guy. He was like, "My mom told me to give it to you" but I didn't even know who his mom was. It still makes me speechless ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Since then, me and my friends started calling him Candy Man.

7. [+217, -5] His confession was fine but it turned out that he picked a random girl in my class to confess and it happened to be me.

8. [+170, -8] It's not a confession but it gives me goosebumps ㅋㅋ I like Seventeen Wonwoo. My profile picture is Wonwoo and I wrote on Facebook that he's so handsome. One day, a guy who has a crush on me started copying Wonwoo in obvious ways... He pretends to read a book out of nowhere and he talks as if he has a low voice tone. He even copied Wonwoo's ajussi jokes. I wanted to punch him. When my class went to a karaoke, we were singing Manse and he rapped Wonwoo's part so hard but couldn't even sing other parts... Fuck...

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