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Hyelim's interview with Liam Neeson

Hyelim: "What's your favorite Korean food?"

Liam: "Kimchi. Today, I tried this Korean traditional food. I don't know the name but there was rice and vegetables in a chicken. It tasted better with kimchi."

Hyelim: "When I say 'Operation Chromite', please say 'Please watch it, sha sha sha' after me."

Liam: "Operation Chromite, Please watch it, sha sha sha"

Hyelim: "This is my new album. It's me here."

Liam: "Thank you very much. They'd be like, "Hul, dad, you met Wonder Girls?'"

"I love you Entertainment Weekly"


Instiz: Wonder Girls Hyelim is embarrassing the country

- I find it embarrassing when foreign stars are asked to do aegyo on entertainment shows like this...

- I don't see any problem with it

- It's not that serious... Hollywood stars come to earn money, why should we make interviews by their standards?

- The problem is that she promoted her own album which has nothing to do with his movie. The script is at fault, not her.

- Useless aegyo, asking about Korean foods, and a random album promotion

- It's a typical script of Entertainment Weekly asking about kimchi and bulgogi. The only difference is that they're doing sha sha sha, not Gangnam Style

- I don't care about Hyelim but I just want them to stop mentioning kimchi to every Hollywood star... Where are the new questions?

- This is why Eric Nam gets praised. He collects the actor's information beforehand and makes the interview to fit the actor.

- Liam Neeson doesn't look upset or anything, I think it's fine

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