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Suzy's Instagram updates

Pann: Suzy updates her Instagram

1. [+108, -35] I can't focus on her drama because her face is too pretty

2. [+101 -93] People are reaching... You can't focus on the drama because she's too pretty? Her looks are so overrated.

3. [+89, -25] Even her hand is pretty. She doesn't have anything that's not pretty... I envy her...

4. [+77, -25] Every facial expression of hers is pretty, wow...

5. [+43, -10] This gif makes me breathless every time

6. [+30, -8] Suzy's so pretty! I heard that she donated without letting JYP know. She has a beautiful heart.

7. [+29, -41] I'm not a fan nor an anti but I prefer a face like Lee Yeon Hee so I find Suzy's face masculine. During debut days, she looked so pretty and innocent but she lost the aura. It's only her image that's left. Her facial features are like Yoon Eun Hye's. And when I saw the massive media-play of her dramas, I understood why people start their careers as idols. Even if someone has great acting skills and looks, they can't have as much media-play as Suzy.

8. [+27, -27] She looks so-so without editing

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