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GOT7 Bambam briefly apologizes for 'n-word' video


Instiz: GOT Bambam admits the 'nigga' statement and apologizes

- Racists are the most uncivilized people... I hope he reflects

- He's not apologizing because he said the word, he's apologizing for causing this controversy. He said he'll give a clear feedback in Korea. I hope people would realize this fact!

- Hul, this is a very sensitive issue... How did this happen...

- Woo Taewon was ignorant enough to use the word in his lyrics... I hope Bambam's case isn't true

- But he's admitting that it's all his fault, though

- Hul ㅋㅋ Didn't fans brag about how GOT7 members are good kids?

- Ugh, Bambam has pathetic friends

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