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SNSD's synchronized choreographies?

Pann: Isn't SNSD outstanding for synchronized choreographies?

1. [+215, -78] Honestly, even after 10 years, SNSD is still the only girl group that can pull of synchronized choreographies.

2. [+191, -293] All members lost their rookie mindset. Even the leader dances lazily.

3. [+127, -234] Only Hoot was a synchronized choreography. The rest of them weren't.

4. [+76, -2] <3

5. [+75, -7] There are so many SNSD antis on Pann

6. [+60, -2] They were synchronized-dols since Into the New World

7. [+57, -2] Yikes, how petty of you people. One of the gifs was a promotion from last year. How can you say they lost their rookie mindset?

8. [+54, -4] SNSD is the only girl group that can do synchronized choreographies ㅋㅋ

9. [+52, -4] Is it that hard to admit that they're synchronized? Do you have to mention their rookie mindset? ㅋㅋㅋ They're in their mid-20's and they've been singers for 10 years. They matured just as much and none of them lost their rookie mindset or got a celebrity disease like your bias.

10. [+50, -84] You should watch the Seoul Music Award video from 2014's Gaon Chart(?), it's a mess ㅋㅋ SNSD has good songs but I've never thought of them as good dancers. Only Hyoyeon is good.

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